“If you truly love Nature you’ll find beauty everywhere.” – Vincent Van Gogh

I am an eternal student and lover of Nature. From a delicate orchid to a crashing waterfall, Nature gives me peace in my heart and joy in my soul.

I have been a “Big-wig” advertiser, a simple carpenter, even a registered nurse all the while always keeping a camera at hand.

Based out of Middletown, Connecticut I venture out daily to find a new and unique nature environment to photograph. I work with smaller clients in creating images for websites, brochures, or personal work.

What makes my style of photography different from most is I look for that angle, that composition that truly reflects the inner beauty of the subject. I’m not a “point-and-shoot” photographer but take the time to really see what will make the subject come alive.

I will be forever a student of Nature and Nature never fails to deliver.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my images or would like me to photograph that “prize winning” rose in your garden, please feel free to contact me through the Contact page.

"Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein.

I keep looking… let’s look together!